A presentation design for a Social Media Influencer PR firm. I wanted the main focus of the presentation to be on the influencers, so I went for a minimal design and let the photography be the main focus & color palette.




I created two presentation templates using the Gen Z & Millennial generations as the theme. I used each generation’s color (Gen Z Yellow & Millennial Pink) as the main color palettes.

Gen Z are digital innovators. Gen Z is known for being the most entrepreneurial and socially conscious generation. I designed the presentation deck to reflect the boldness that Gen Z possesses, using streetwear photography to drive the theme as Gen Z are the largest influencers of street style.

Millennials are the optimists. Millennials came of age during the turn of the digital age and have witnessed the exponential technological growth & societal shift that followed. I designed the Millennial deck to reflect the blend of traditional and modern, using Instagram photos as an accent as Millennials transformed Instagram from a photo app to a content hub.