Iā€™m Temi & I design.

I began designing in Philly when I was in college when I realized I chose the wrong major half-way through my senior year. I downloaded a free 30 day Adobe Creative Suite trial and never cancelled it. I built a portfolio and after graduation, I started to post my designs online, growing an audience of followers who soon turned into clients. 

I started a marketing role at a Philly based market research company and my professional design career began. About a year later I was working at a marketing agency managing email marketing campaigns, and my HTML/CSS interest was sparked and I began taking online UX/UI design courses.

After living in Philly for over 7 years, I decided I needed a change. I started passively applying to jobs in New York City and the next thing I knew, I had a job offer and 2 weeks notice to pack up my West Philly apartment. After working a few NY jobs, my first full-time design opportunity presented itself to me in the form of Ms. Oprah Winfrey & of course I accepted! So here I am, the digital designer for the publication of a woman I watched everyday after school until her talk show went off the air when I transitioned to binge watching the shows on her TV network. Now, in-between working, exploring Manhattan, and brunch, I pinch myself every now & then to make sure my life is really real.

I'm always available, if you're interested in working with me (or me working for you), hit me up. Click here to view my resume.